What is Spiritual Warfare? Jihad Struggle Between Light Dark Angels Demons Jinn Races Aliens

Struggle Jihad – the Ancient Battle Between the Dark Side and the Light Side – Spiritual WarfareHC Live Radio Title Page

Call in to the our Live Show – Thursday Midnight, 12 AM EST. We want your questions and comments – get on the AIR! Tonight we will be discussing the ancient conflict of all time – spiritual warfare – the jihad or struggle – between light and dark – demons and angels – jinn, aliens? What is the goal of each? Where will this battle take us and when does it end? Are you entrenched in your own battle of spiritual warfare within yourself? How do you distinguish between right and wrong? What criterion do you judge by and do you feel you are winning or losing the war? We want to hear from you spiritual rainbow warriors! Call in to the show!




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