Spiritual Watchers Ancient Aliens Annunaki Reptilians Alien NWO Agenda

Gnostic Archons, Nephilim, Giants, Fallen Angels


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Join us on this special night as we discuss the concept of the Watchers, spiritual watchers or overseers. Are we talking about angels of God or angels watchers? Who are the Watchers in the spiritual realm? The concept of the Watcher can be found in the Book of Enoch, similar to what is found in the Nag Hammadi library. In the Book of Enoch, the Watchers are fallen angels who fathered the Giants, the Nephilim. As for the Nag Hammadi texts, gnostic authors and scribes of these ancient texts were concerned about alien influence on the affairs of mankind. They term the aliens “archons”. Archons parallel our concept of extraterretrials, ETs. Ancient aliens have also been named by the term “annunaki” who were a group of false gods originating in ancient Sumeria, in the Mesopotamia region. The annunaki are also deemed to be fallen angels who mixed their DNA with the human race. Tonight we will discuss these various categories in this notion of the Watchers. Some topics open for discussion are:

  • Who are the Watchers?
  • Different names for Watchers – nephilim, archons, annunaki, false gods
  • Are Watchers related to Reptilian beings?
  • Alien New World Order Agenda
  • Alien Manipulation & Slavery of Mankind

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