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Chessboard: World News Foreign Policy Middle East Politics

Political Chess Foreign Affairs: Egypt News, News of Syria, Muslim Brotherhood,  Palestine Israel Conflict, Gun Control



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Tonight we are talking about the Chessboard – the pieces and players in the current political chess game in the Middle East. The Chessboard is our way to evaluate international relations and foreign affairs, especially in the Muslim World after the events of the Arab Spring.  We will be discussing Egypt and Egypt News, such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi. News of Syria, the rebels vs. the “jihadi” will also included, as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The UN, Hagel and the newly named State of Palestine requires comment in the current Palestine Israel conflict. How about Iran and its nuclear threat? The drone war in Afghanistan and Pakistan – the Taliban and al Qaeda will be touched upon as well. Guns are another major topic of discussion, including Alex Jones of the infowars, the NRA, right wing conspiracies, and the Tea Party, to name a few.  It is going to be a thought provoking night – Don’t Miss It!

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