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What is Exorcism? Definition of Exorcism Real Exorcism Stories Demonic Possession Demonic Possession Symptoms

True Exorcism, Devil Possession, Signs of Demonic Possession, Deliverance Prayers


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Tonight we are talking about the World of Jinn – the interdimensional beings living in parallel reality with us. In the West, they are known by different names, such as demonsfallen angels, and satan. We will be answering question such as : How can such beings possess humans? What is exorcism, the definition of exorcism – are exorcisms real? Many of us have seen the movie The Exorcist, is there any truth behind such a story? What are the signs of demonic possession?

Keep the lights on for this witching hour episode. We want to hear your exorcism stories – have you witnessed a true demonic possession, do you have questions about demonic possession symptoms? What kinds of prayers (deliverance prayers) can be recited with demon possession?

We would love to hear your thoughts and insights and questions on these topics! Call in and get on the AIR Tonight! January 17, 2013.

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